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August 2023 Proxy Release

Published on by Jess
Categories: Proxy
Tags: Releases


The changes this month included:

Crash reporting:

All versions now have the ability to collect crash and performance data. This is completely opt-in, however it is recommended that you enable it in the preferences if you can. While some identifiable information may be transmitted as part of a crash dump, the primary information used for debugging will be the stack trace.

By default the data is anonymised, however you can also opt to send your licence information. This will allow us to contact you for more information about the crash if needed (and potentially let you know when it has been fixed).

The platform being used is SentryIO, and all data is hosted on our own servers.

Focus areas

If you need any help or run into any issues, send us an email at support@pakikiproxy.com. You can download it from https://pakikiproxy.com/pages/downloads.