Cybersecurity Health Checks

Health Checks

We want to help organisations of all sizes protect what matters most. All of our health checks start by understanding you and your organisation. We then review what’s key to your business, what protections you currently have in place and where you can improve.

All of our packages begin with a workshop in order to understand your business, what you do, and what key assets you have. We also check if there are any specific concerns, so that we can make sure those are covered by our review.

At the end of the engagement you will receive:



This is the introductory package, designed for small businesses. It includes:

  • A review of your assets.
  • A light review of the potential threats to your business, data or systems.
  • A scan of your internet-facing perimeter.
  • Recommendations on the top 3 security controls you could put in place.


The next level up, designed for mid-sized businesses. It includes:

  • Everything from Tahi.
  • A more in-depth review of the potential threats to your business.
  • Recommendations on the top 5 security controls to put in place.
  • An assessment of a cloud environment which is holding key data (for example, Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, to ensure that your emails/files have adequate protection).


The most comprehensive package, designed for mid-large businesses. It includes:

  • Everything from Rua.
  • Recommendations on the top 10 security controls to consider putting in place.
  • An external penetration test (up to 3x days) of your website or a key web application.
  • An internal network scan.


Tahi Rua Toru
Asset Review Yes Yes Yes
Threat Review Light Yes Yes
Security Controls Top 3 Top 5 Top 10
Perimeter Scan Yes Yes Yes
External Penetration Test No No Yes (up to 3x days)
Internal scan No No Yes
Cloud Assessment No Yes Yes
Staff Interviews Yes Yes Yes
Effort 2 days 4 days 8 days

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