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featured image 3 Tips to Improve your Security Posture

3 Tips to Improve your Security Posture

Categories: Security Tags: Explanation
It was our honour to present at TechFest, run by Canterbury Tech, on the 24th of May 2024. This talk was designed as an introduction to improving your business’s cybersecurity posture. It’s aimed at small to medium businesses who are either unsure of where to start, or are rolling out new systems. … ...Read Article

featured image What Is an Intercepting Proxy?

What Is an Intercepting Proxy?

Categories: Proxy Security Tags: Explanation
That’s a great question. An intercepting proxy is commonly used by security professionals in order to understand how an application communicates with a server, and to attempt to find security vulnerabilities by manipulating that traffic. An intercepting proxy is a tool we frequently use in … ...Read Article